Mommy Wants Her Baby!

Mommy Wants Her Baby!

Mary Catherine Rishcoff


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The storybook, Mommy Wants Her Baby! arises from the author’s impressions and feelings of real parakeets. It is considered fiction anyway. Furthermore, names have been changed. The storybook simplistically portrays the life of three parakeets that are characteristically named Sweet, Sterling and Sonny. At first read, the tale is of the struggle for family. The relevance is not quite realized until near the end. Sweet, soon to be discovered as a girl parakeet, wants her baby. She shows persistence if not desperation. Sterling, Sweet’s mate is persistent because he has eyes for Sweet. The end result is Sonny, a baby that grows into a big, yellow-feathered boy parakeet. Because of warmth like sunshine, Sonny lived, whereas his siblings did not. Sometimes, our efforts in life get thwarted. With persistence and help, we may finally succeed like Sweet, Sterling and Sonny did. With the growth of Sonny, family is made. SUCCESS!